The welcome-manager is your personal contact for the first 30 days. His concern is to make your start with CouchTools as pleasant, uncomplicated and relaxed as possible.
While you take care of what is important for you, the welcome-manager sets up your CouchTools account. All this happens in close consultation with you to make the setup the way you like it.
With that you don’t lose any time with the elaborate setup and can start using all the functions and benefits of CouchTools.
If you still have any questions, whether in technical- or marketing aspects, the welcome-manager can provide an extended know-how and years of experience.
For you to be able to use CouchTools even after the 30 day period without any problems, the welcome-manager will document everything detailed and will explain his approach. Additionally you will get a short, personal introduction on the basis of your CouchTools account.

Order the welcome-manager now
for only 149€*!

* All prices plus VAT

Welcome Manager 4 Schritte CouchTools

4 steps for the perfect start


Call & consultation:

  • ✓ Your welcome-manager will call you within a day (workdays: mo.-fr.) under the provided phone number
  • ✓ You tell the welcome-manager what you want to do



  • ✓ Your welcome-manager creates a concept on the basis of your input of the phone call
  • ✓ You get the concept, browse it at leisure, make altering calls and release it



  • ✓ Your welcome-manager now implements the released concept into CouchTools



  • ✓ Your welcome-manager documents everything for you
  • ✓ You receive the documentation and a concluding talk as well as a short introduction into CouchTools


Your benefits at a glance

  • ✓ No extra personnel expenditure
  • ✓ Time for implementation gets extremely shorten
  • ✓ CouchTools will be adjusted perfectly for your campaigns
  • ✓ Individual induction with your campaigns
  • ✓ Better understanding for CouchTools
  • ✓ Detailed documentation
  • ✓ You can start directly with the optimization of your marketing campaigns

Order the welcome-manager now
for only 149€*!

* All prices plus VAT