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Landingpage-Testing All free-features All newcomer-features All startup-features
Creative-Management Performance-Dashboard Creative-Metrik CPI Team-Sheets & custom metrics
Campaign-Center Report analyzer Customer journey tracking Intelligente alerts
Further, there are two A|B test resp. multivariate tests, infinite campaigns and ten creatives as well as 300 visits and 7,500 ad impressions per month inclusive. Basic-Features are infinite A/B-Tests, multivariate tests, campaigns and creatives as well as 3,000 visits and 50,000 ad impressions per month. Extended-Features are all Basic-Features as well as creative optimization features, extended key figures like the CPI and a performance dashboard plus 25,000 visits and 350,000 ad impressions per month.

Limited time offer for

Market Introduction

Professional-Features are all extended features as well as hourly data, customer journey based on multi-click attribution and intelligent alerts (business intelligence) plus 75,000 visits and 100,000 ad impressions per month.










How does the test phase work?

  1. You register and test CouchTools for 30 days.
  2. After that time you can continue using CouchTools for free.
  3. You can perform an upgrade to continue using all the awesome features.

What happens if CoutchTools isn’t just the thing for me?

No worries. You can test all features with enough volume for 30 days. We took care of that.

I’m still precarious and have to get a permission for everything.

No worries. We don’t need credit card data or the like for the test. If CouchTools should not be the thing for you then there is no need to bother your boss or accounting.

Is it manageable in 30 days?

Yes it is. We have the “CouchTools Academy” in which you get a guide and tips not only for CouchTools but also for marketing.

To whom is this offer?

The offer is solely directed towards companies. Because of that all shown prices are excluding German vat.

How do I recall the 30 days test?

There is no need to do so – it will happen automatically.