What are the capabilities of CouchTools – a short summery

All in all: Everything you need for the construction and optimization of new marketing channels
  • ✓ tracking all channels from AdWords, Facebook, banners up to print
  • ✓ A|B testing, multivariate testing, split-url-testing
  • ✓ ad server for advertiser incl. auto-performance-optimization
  • ✓ unique creatives management & optimization platform
  • ✓ intelligent alerts, team-collaboration sheets (coming soon)
  • ✓ dashboard, reports, charts – of course neat & printable
  • ✓ customer journey tracking & behavioral based user steering
  • ✓ the IT is only needed once for five lines of code, that’s it

That’s what others think about CouchTools:


“One tool instead of ten with the ability to think for itself – that’s what relieved me immensely. And the great support is what puts the crown on its head. Thanks CouchTools- Team!”

Manuel Siedler, Marketing Manager, European Games Group AG


“I was able to get a lot of great results with product site tests as well as with Facebook- and Google-campaigns. I gained a lot from it.”

Franziska Frosch, Shop-Betreiberin, Frogs at Work GmbH

Who should use CouchTools?

Everyone who wants to grow through online marketing but not only with SEO
  • ✓ small and big online marketing teams
  • ✓ startups which want to grow through online marketing
  • ✓ e-commerce
  • ✓ display-advertiser (banners) who work performance orientated
  • ✓ advertising agencies, media agencies, conversion optimizer, etc.
  • ✓ all “data driven” companies

Landing Page Test Editor


Become faster, more efficient and smarte
  • ✓ handling without IT at all
  • ✓ enhanced conversionrates
  • ✓ enhanced SEO ranking & AdWords CPCs
  • ✓ accelerated intern processes
  • ✓ enhanced user experience

Werbemittel Formate


Increasing click rates, enhancing learning effect & overview
  • ✓ evaluation on creative level
  • ✓ AdWords, Facebook, banner, print ads, etc.
  • ✓ creatives overview
  • ✓ easier creation processes
  • ✓ suitable for graphic designer and marketing

Landing page Test


Become more flexible and smarter & enhance learning effects
  • ✓ auto banner-performance-optimization
  • ✓ Ad server (banner delivery)
  • ✓ effective campaign management
  • ✓ test without losing the AdWords history
  • ✓ flexible goal tracking types
  • ✓ first, last cookie & customer journey
  • ✓ individually configurable

Online Marketing Dashboard / Cockpit


Cool, everything at a glance and customizable
  • ✓ keep track all the time
  • ✓ more efficient team-work
  • ✓ trends recognizable at any time
  • ✓ evaluation on all levels
  • ✓ customizable reports

Nutzer-Pfad-Baum / Verhaltensbasierte Landing Page

Behavior depended reacting

Show your customers exactly what they want to see
  • ✓ user behavior depended content
  • ✓ rules for pages, goals, creatives, etc
  • ✓ high-end: Definable user journey tree
  • ✓ setup with only a few clicks

Put it up live without IT

Onetime integration of one piece of code, that’s it!
  • ✓ put up landingpages live all by yourself
  • ✓ encrypted data transfer
  • ✓ goodbye maintenance

What is CouchTools? In what way can you be supported by the tool?

CouchTools is an online marketing tool. It supports you with balancing your landingpages with its creatives with assistance of multivariate testing. You don’t need to be a HTML expert to use CouchTools. The tool lets you choose and alter the wanted element without any problems – and it only takes one click! The software integration is extremely easy: there is only on piece of code which needs to be implemented in the chosen website and with that the testing can begin. If you have CouchTools there is no need for any other A|B-Testing tools. A|B-Tests can be realized easily and fast with our online marketing tool.
But that’s not everything yet – CouchTools offers the possibility for heatmap analysis, testing on grounds of mathematical-stochastically evaluations and the planning of campaigns.
Our online marketing tool provides an easy way for you to control your customers journey. You can choose on which landingpage the user lands after clicking on a creative. This process can be done with every creative independently. Furthermore you can determine different events which activate depending on the behavior of the user.
All in All: CouchTools takes on every sophisticated operation so you can lean back relaxed on your couch.