Set up target group specific landingpages

Pick up your customers the way they expect it. CouchTools lets you create and optimize target group specific landingpages – without effort. Your conversionrates, sales and return on investment will rise to new heights before you even know it.

Everything from one source: As an all-in-one online marketing center we offer a complete campaign- and creative-management as well as intelligent professional features like behavior depending A|B-Tests, customer journey tracking and multi-layer landingpages. Change your visitors to satisfied customers with target group specific landingpages.




Behavior depending A|B-Tests & multi-layer landingpages

Keep control over your customers! Create customer journeys which are conditional to your visitors behavior. You will be able to set up A|B tests or highly efficient multi-layer landingpages depending on behavioral patterns in a minimum of time. Why not a special landingpage for every channel and target group? Your visitors will thank you with sales!

  • ✓ highly efficient user journeys
  • ✓ A|B-Tests depending on the behavior of your visitors
  • ✓ adequate landingpages for every channel and target group


Multi Click Attribution CouchToolsCustomer journey tracking

Detailed tracking is the foundation for further decisions. We from CouchTools know what matters for a detailed customer journey tracking. That’s why you won’t only find first & last cookie wins but also multi-click attribution for tracking the customer journey. That way every creative gets what it deserves! In matters of stakes of course.

  • ✓ flexible target tracking types
  • ✓ first, last cookie wins & customer journey





Test entirely different landingpage layouts against each other. Different limited time offers which need to be handled by your server/shop are no obstacles. Neither is testing of different pricing. CouchTools’s split-URL-test makes you flexible and lets you master even the technical difficulties of element testing with ease.

  • ✓ test entirely different landingpage layouts
  • ✓ circumvent technical difficulties of element testing
  • ✓ serverside processing of your script


Individuelle Landingpage Tests pro Werbemittel CouchTools

Customizable landingpages for every creative – in only 2 clicks

A creative is only as good as its landingpage. Every creative aims at another target group and pursues an own objective. Create customized landingpages for every creative directly out of the creative view. With these CouchTools features you will be able maximize your objectives success and reach your target group even better.

  • ✓ only 2 clicks to your customized landingpage-test
  • ✓ easy reach out to your creatives specific target groups
  • ✓ extends the success of your creatives