Structured creative optimization

Werbemittel Formate

You’re already swept away by a flood of ad texts? You start to lose track of everything? You are afraid to make wrong decisions? Stay on top of everything and leave nothing to chance! Just a clean structuring of your creatives can change the success of your work dramatically.


CouchTools’s structured and methodical creative-tests will help you to find the best creatives.

Measure & optimize your Google AdWords ads, Facebook ads, banners, newspaper ads and much more. Of course there is no reason why you should not be able to set up campaign overlapping creative optimization.



Sophisticated expert-metric

The selection of a creative set is the hardest part most of the time. Our unique and intelligent expert metric, the creative performance index, will let you find the right creative at any given time. Identify your best creatives and get a perfect foundation for your optimizations at a glance. Our data is of course always up to date so nothing stands in your way for your structured creative optimization.

  • ✓ identify your best creatives at a glance
  • ✓ reliable & always up to date
  • ✓ easy to understand & the right view for everyone

Banner Performance erhöhen

Automatic banner-performance-optimization

Day after day. Week after week. Isn’t it tedious to check all the banners of your partners for their performance and make changes by hand? Exactly that’s why CouchTools provides an intelligent and automatic banner performance optimization. Once set up it takes over the optimization of your banners for you. Only banners with the best performance will be displayed. And by the way: Not only on grounds of click rates but also depending on generated conversions. ;-)

  • ✓ automated optimization of your banners
  • ✓ displays always only the best banners
  • ✓ optimized for click rates & conversions

Ad server

Keep control over your creatives without any effort! Once uploaded CouchTools will take care of displaying your creatives if you want it. You get detailed Reports. Together with the unique automatic banner performance optimization the management will be a piece of cake. All in a single tool. Don’t waste your time with annoying tool hopping – leave the delivery of your creatives to us and keep the overview.

  • ✓ automatized creative delivery
  • ✓ lucid creative management
  • ✓ tracking with individually definable targets

Reorganize your hard drive

Whether your ads still need planning, are already active or stopped and deleted again doesn’t matter. CouchTools lets you keep track of all your creatives. Because deleting doesn’t mean it’s gone forever. Of course you still have access to your deleted creatives. So you still have the option to get access to your reports afterward.

With CouchTools you can end this jungle of data and clean your hard drive.

  • ✓ structured creatives-archive
  • ✓ lucid creative-management
  • ✓ smart filter function

Something for everyone

Whether Graphic designer or marketing operator, Distinctive number sense or not such. CouchTools offers the right view for everyone. That way everyone who worked on a creative can see how the own ideas performed. And all that in an easy understandable way.

  • ✓ visual depiction
  • ✓ display of all trends
  • ✓ detailed number based reports to all metrics