Marketing cockpit & reports

Online Marketing Dashboard / Cockpit
Detailed reports about your gained data is the essential thing. With CouchTools you won’t get only a head over view but you can also take a deep look into your data. It doesn’t matter if you like pure numbers or prefer a visual depiction. We have something for everyone!

Statistiken im Kampagnenindex Website-Ziele CouchTools

Customizable Reports

Keep track of your campaigns with customized reports. Don’t consider yourself satisfied with a head over view but take a deep look into your data. Regardless of whether you need an overview of your campaigns, advertise mediums or landingpage tests or prefer an individual view – with CouchTools you can have that at a glance.

  • ✓ detailed insight in your data
  • ✓ extensive reports for all views


Taggenaue Berichte Ausschnitt CouchTools

Day precisely reports

Every day is a new start and brings its own challenges. The numbers of ad impressions, actual visitors and your sales won’t be the same everyday as well. We at CoutchTools know how important the fact is to consider the changes of data between weekdays for reports and optimizations. For that reason we provide a view on the whole month as well as on the individual days. So that your data and reports become even more accurate!

  • ✓ exact reports for every day
  • ✓ recognize changes between weekdays
  • ✓ allows even more detailed reports & optimizations



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Trends recognizable at any time

Be always one step ahead of your business competition! With CouchTools you will always know how it’s done. No matter in which view you are. You will always have the latest trends on the radar. React to changes on the fly and keep yourself ahead of your business competition.

  • ✓ trends always recognizable
  • ✓ reacting to changes on the fly
  • ✓ colored & visual depiction of all trends



Kampagnenübersicht mit Trends CouchTools

Clearly structured campaign overview

With CouchTools you get a lucid and structured campaign overview. All the latest numbers for you campaigns views, click rates and your individually defined goals at one glance. Recognize effective and efficient which of your campaigns perform good and which not. Of course you can see whether your campaigns are in draft, active or passive state.

  • ✓ lucid & intelligent campaign management
  • ✓ all the important data at one glance
  • ✓ customizable to your structures
  • ✓ better overview through intelligent filter functions