Landingpage tests – fast and easy

Landing Page Test EditorPut an ending to the waiting! With CouchTools you can realize your ideas immediately. Creating landingpage tests with multiple variants in a few minutes. Of course with instant online upload. Even behavior depending multi-layer landingpage tests are no problem.

You can read this text? Awesome! With that you meet all the requirements needed. Why? Because the editing part takes place directly on the website. Fool-Proofed & without IT know-how.

Show your customers exactly what they really expect to see. Whether existing customer, Google AdWords advertised visitors or interested user who took notice through newspaper ads. No problem – 2 more minutes and it’s done as well.

Kombinationen Multivariate Tests CouchTools

As many variants as your heart desires

Create as many variants as you like with no effort. Test the different headline, call-to-action buttons and picture variations. It doesn’t matter whether font size, text editing or just another color. With CouchTools you can let your creativity run wild and try anything. Create any desired number of landingpages. Of course you can edit and test multiple elements at the same time.

  • ✓ as many variants of your landingpages as your heart desires – fast & easy created
  • ✓ edit and test multiple elements at the same time

Convenient editing directly on the site

We don’t want to waste your time with laborious landingpage editors. All you need is your URL. With that you can start to create A|B, multivariate and split URL tests fast & easy. It only takes a few moments to create behavioral depending A|B-Tests and multilayer landingpages in correspondence with our sophisticated system for user journey setups.

  • ✓ just the URL and ready to start
  • ✓ only a few clicks to create a test