A new generation of campaign management

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Campaign management has never been so easy before! Not only CouchTools will help you with your landingpage- and conversionrate-optimization but also with the management of your campaigns.


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Campaign management – simple & lucid

The foundation for a successful optimization of your campaigns is an elaborated campaign management. With CouchTools you can set up your campaigns simple and uncomplicated.
Thanks to the logical design.
Customize it to your own company’s campaign structure. Be able to edit several campaigns at the same time. With CouchTools as your campaign management tool you are able to plan, start, pause and delete your campaigns without ruffle or excitement. The additional integrated reports for a detailed evaluation of your campaigns will make your campaign management a total success.

  • ✓ lucid & logical design
  • ✓ customizable to your own company’s campaign structure
  • ✓ simple management of your campaigns

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Simple data import even from external systems

A new tool means new data. But we from CouchTools provide you a glance at the big picture. That’s why you are able to import your data from external systems with our tool. With that you can put the pieces of the puzzle together without any effort to get a great view at the big picture for an even better management of your campaigns.

  • ✓ simple import of your data
  • ✓ supports external systems & of course your own data sources

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Individually definable target metrics

Measure only what you really want to. CouchTools provides you with the possibility to determine your target metrics completely individual for your needs. Whether newsletter subscription, shopping cart call or sale, with our tool everything is possible. It’s all up to your needs!

  • ✓ detailed measurement of your personal company’s targets
  • ✓ freely determinable metrics for the individual needs in your company


Teamwork is a big part in your company? So it is in ours! With CouchTools you can boost your marketing teams efficiency and effectiveness. The times of excel-orgies in meetings is over. Thanks to the logical structure of the campaign overview and the detailed reports you will be able to concentrate completely on a successful campaign management in future meetings.

  • ✓ increased efficiency and effectiveness
  • ✓ logical structures & detailed reports maximize your teams productivity
  • ✓ easy to understand & the right view for everyone