Start A|B- & multivariate-tests without IT

Perhaps you already hit that wall. You want to change some elements really quick on your website and put it up online again. The new eye catching picture is already finished. Now all what’s left is to get it to IT. But five minutes later the elation turned into frustration. On your way back to your desk all those words IT has blown up in your face rush through your head: ”…workload is too high…technical not realizable…maybe in a week again…”.

Implementierung Couchlet Zwischenablage

None of that anymore. With CouchTools there is only one last walk to IT – armed with the COUCHLET.
As soon as the COUCHLET, a little piece of code, is implemented you can create and even put a landing page up online without waiting for the next release. From now on you won’t have to wait for anything – you can start right away.

For example you can react on the fly to unexpected news on TV or in the papers and approach interested customers appropriately. You won’t need more than exactly four clicks to create a complete new landingpage variant. Even encrypted data transfer isn’t a problem anymore. CouchTools means: Good by maintenance!