Show your users exactly what they want to see.

Raise your conversionrate, your revenue and your ROI with the all-in-one marketing center. CouchTools offers not only a complete campaign- and creative management but also landingpage-optimization and smart professional features like: behavior depending A|B-Testing, customer journeys or multilayer landingpages. Sounds complicated – but it isn’t! Promised.

  • auto banner-performance-optimization and ad server
  • structured creative testing
  • comfortable campaign planning
  • easy realizable A|B-Tests
  • creative & campaign management


Landing Page Test Editor

Goodbye sloth, hello result!

In only four clicks to a new landing page variant.

Landingpage-Tests with countless variants put up online in a few minutes. Existing customers, through Google AdWords advertised visitors and through newspaper ads interested users should see exactly what they expect – exactly what you advertise with? Only two more minutes and it’s done. Without IT, without stress and without effort.

  • ✓ editing directly on the website – without IT know-how
  • ✓ interdisciplinary evaluation and daily trends
  • ✓ behavioral depending multilayer landingpages

Werbemittel Formate

Structured creative optimization

Often underrated, the power of structured creative tests

Structured and methodical creative tests in CouchTools will help you to find the best creatives. Gauge and optimize Google AdWords ads, Facebook ads, banners, newspaper ads and much more.

  • ✓ campaign comprehensive creative optimization
  • ✓ auto banner-performance-optimization and ad server
  • ✓ creative archive and creation process ease
  • ✓ always the right view for graphic designer and marketing operatives

Landing page Test


Flexibility & more knowledge – right up to customer journey tracking

Smart reports with individually definable goal metrics. Fast working inside the team without wild excel-orgies. A sophisticated all-in-one system. All this will boost the efficiency and effectiveness of your marketing team. Easy data import from external systems – even your own data sources.

  • ✓ flexible optimization on all levels: From campaigns to the landingpage right up to the creative
  • ✓ advanced goal measurement types: First / last cookie wins and two way customer journey tracking
  • ✓ freely definable metrics – completely for your individual need in your company

Online Marketing Dashboard / Cockpit

Marketing-Cockpit & reports

Cool, everything at a glance and customizable

With the marketing cockpit you always have campaigns and landingpage tests at a glance. Campaigns and tests can be adjusted fast if something gets out of hand.

  • ✓ trends recognizable at any time
  • ✓ evaluation on all levels
  • ✓ customizable reports

Thank you dear IT for the great time.

Onetime integration of one piece of code, that’s it!

“Thank you dear IT for the great time, but we don’t need you anymore to put our landingpages up online.” You only need four clicks to create a landingpage variant.

As soon as the COUCHLET, a little piece of code, is implemented you can create and even put a landingpage up online without waiting for the next release. For example you can react on the fly to unexpected news on TV or in the papers and approach interested customers appropriately.